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A selection of glass eyes from an optician's glass eye case. Credit: Wellcome Library, London
International Journal of Ophthalmic Practice cover

International Journal of Ophthalmic Practice is a new peer-reviewed bi-monthly journal of ophthalmics. Unlike other journals in the field, International Journal of Ophthalmic Practice will:

  • Focus on the role of nurses, orthoptists and other allied professions in ophthalmology
  • Address topics such as clinical practice, research, issues of professional interest, policy, education and training
  • Provide a forum for debate and a strong voice for nurses, orthoptists and allied professionals, working in primary and secondary ophthalmic care settings
  • Promote a genuine international perspective on ophthalmic practice and encourage the sharing of best practice around the world.

The role of ophthalmic nurses, orthoptists and allied professionals in the ophthalmic team is a constantly developing one, as public and professional demands on the team change and evolve. International Journal of Ophthalmic Practice will provide these professionals a place to exchange ideas, innovations and experiences, and so promote development of the multidisciplinary team.

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